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Algeciras Regatta VI

The 2010 Algeciras regatta started with a win for Seawolf on Saturday 3rd July. Sunday brought clear skies and a fresh Easterly breeze, after a perfect start and blisteringly fast beat to the windward mark Seawolf had stretched a 20 boat length lead on the rest of the fleet and were all set for a sleigh ride on the leeward leg. Then the trouble began, a jammed jib sheet prevented the last tack around the  windward mark, followed by 2 360 turns trying to free the sheet, eventually the sheet had to be cut and we made the mark rounding, now just hanging on to 2nd place, behind are arch rivals Noticia Dos. This was not to be the end of our problems, whilst retying a new jib sheet to the clew, Jackie our experienced bow girl unfortunately lost her footing and rolled her ankle causing instant swelling and pain. As at the time we were not sure as to the full extent of the injury we decided to retire from the race to treat the injury ashore. Fortunately the injury was not as serious as first thought, being a nasty sprain. With the help of lots of ice and rest Jackie is now thankfully well on the mend.

Author: Atlantic Charters

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