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Mile Building

Mile Building Sailing Trips for 2017

Trip Details

  • Malta to Sanremo: 3rd to 17th May
  • Sanremo to Gibraltar: 20th June to 1st July
  • Gibraltar to La Coruna: 8th to 16th July
  • La Coruna to Gibraltar: 10th to 17th September
  • Gibraltar to Malta: 25th Sept to 6th October

Cost £625.00 per trip

Our Mediterranean mile building and Atlantic mile building trips provide you with the opportunity to experience sailing a yacht over long distance passages and gain your yachtmaster/coastal skipper qualifying passages.

Key Objectives:

    • Gain experience and sea miles
    • Learning about watch keeping
    • Night sailing
    • Yachtmaster qualifying passages
    • Passage planning
    • Using Weather Forecasts

The mile building trips to and from Malta and San Remo are not run as RYA courses as such but we give everybody on board the opportunity to progress with their own sailing skills at whatever level they are at. There will be an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor on board throughout, enabling you to draw on their knowledge during the trip.

We will be running a 3 hour on-watch and 6 hour off-watch system enabling you to gain valuable night hours and we will give you the opportunity to fulfill skippered passages of over 60 miles which are all required to obtain your Yachtmaster/Coastal skipper qualification. There will be a maximum of 6 people onboard plus skipper for each leg, allowing 2 people to be on watch together.

Our routing and ports of call along the way will all be very weather dependent and all on board will be included in the making of the passage plans for the mile buiding trip etc.

All in all it’s a great opportunity to broaden your sailing experience and horizons whilst having a probably very rare sailing adventure.

Please call for full details 00447808174186.

Or contact us for more details.

For more information about Mile Building, see the course books and blog posts listed below.

Course Books

Buy RYA Navigation Handbook at the RYA ShopBuy RYA Navigation Handbook at the RYA Shop

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