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An update from the Atlantic seas…

“Had an interesting night, very rough seas and 55 knot squalls, sea now
moderate average 30 knots easterly but still squally. Took a very large wave
over the stern, filled the cockpit and shorted the electrics to the winches,
resulting in one winch setting off at full speed , bursting a harken block
and a spinlock cluch all in pitch blackness. No other damage and nobody
hurt, running all winches manually now, till the weather breaks, then will
try to find out where the water got in, probably through the switches.
Also yesterday the water pump on the genset let go, but a new impeller and
shortened inlet hose have sorted it out.
Rest of the boat ok except for two small water leaks in to both aft cabins.
Current position 22 56N ,32 13W heading 230 ish!

Cruising chute still in its bag!

Be in touch,


And they say transat crossings are fun!!!!

Author: Atlantic Charters

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