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Benalmadena Easter regatta report

The 2011 Easter Benalmadena regatta gave 3 days of great sailing in varying wind conditions. Thursdays race commenced after a short postponement with light on shore winds, after approximately an hour a band of black clouds descended on to the fleet bringing squally winds and rain plus the odd fork of lightning!! Many yachts were caught unprepared and suffered sail damage and a thorough soaking, retirements were high, Ibex insurance sponsored-Seawolf managed a respectable 3rd place in class 2. Friday saw more wind for the start of race 2 and the steady conditions resulted in a great days racing, mistakes in sail choice left Seawolf in 4th place but still holding 3rd place in class. Mike Banister (pictured above) unfortunately lost his mast during the race whilst leading class 4 sailing single handed in his 1/4 tonner. Saturdays racing started on time and 2 races were run in perfect conditions, a westerly wind of between 12 and 17 knots gave the 25 competing yachts some close exhilarating races. Seawolf repeated the 4th place in race 3 then after a great start had their best race in race 4, leading the fleet on the first 2 legs and taking first place away from the seemingly unbeatable Ceuta 2+2 yacht.

Final results:

  1. Ciudad de Ceuta 5 points
  2. Uxama              10 points
  3. Seawolf              12 points
  4. Estapona.com     15 points
  5. Yandara             21 points
  6. Sylka                 23 points
  7. Gin Tonic            29 points

Our next race is the offshore classic Almeria to Alboran and back starting on Saturday 30th April. Full details at www.atlanticcharters.co.uk


Author: Atlantic Charters

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