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Bongani sailing back to Gibraltar

One of the last few days of the trip, about tea time, somewhere near Spain.

Dearest ‘Diary’, horatio

Well, so far this has been a more than pleasant trip.  We’ve had on the one hand lovely, bright and warm Mediterranean February sunshine to soak up, as we enjoy the local tipple on Mallorca (pronounce the l’s) and other idyllic Mediterranean islands.  Conversely, the sunshine has been juxtaposed by the first week where we had to shelter from the mistral, broke a roller furling line and had to tack into some exciting weather (lots of waves over the deck – excellent).  The rain really did make some of the night watches chilly though.
The trip has been replete with constant fun and witty banter inspite of the occasional sea-sickly soul and especially in the sailing downtime, ashore.

On a more serious note I really am enjoying how Dave allows us to just get on with the sailing and is happy to pile responsibility on us.  Especially when the GPS appears to suffer from some unforeseeable “malfunction.” We dead reckoned from Ibiza to the mainland, near Cartagena.  After 15 hours we spied and called up a passing vessel for a fix; we were only 2NM off course (about a 2% error – whoop whoop).  The officer of this vessel, or tanker as I dubbed her, was so impressed by our good nature and by the overwhelming politeness of our VHF greetings that he
caustically hailed us ‘Super Yacht to my Port’ rather than by the more conventional and appropriate: gangSTARS to my port.
Perhaps I should write a poem.

Eddie (aka Horatio)

Author: Atlantic Charters

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