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Learning to sail

Learning to sail should be an enjoyable experience that opens up exciting future opportunities in the diverse world of sailing. Yet where do you start and what should you look out for? A google search is often a starting point for most things these days but here starts the difficulty. The price for a 5 day start sailing or competent crew course can range from £375.00 to over £700.00, how can the same thing vary so grately?? Well let me try to shed some light upon this: there are 5 key factors in my opinion that effect the standard and quality of your first sailing experience:

  • Location
  • Age and type of Yachts used for training
  • Experience enthusiasm and standards of your Instructor/Skipper
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of Yachts used
  • Opportunities for further sailing beyond the limits of RYA courses

Author: Atlantic Charters

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