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Speedy Biscay Crossing

The Gibraltar based Race Yacht delivery team crossed the Bay of Biscay in 48 hours, averaging 200 miles per day. They passed Cape Finisterre at noon on Friday the 19th October after 2 days of exhilarating down wind sailing. The maximum speed they saw was 12.7 knots, whilst white sail reaching in 20 knots of true wind.

Despite Geoffs habit of singing whenever we exceeded 10 knots, the team have bonded well to form a tight efficient crew able to handle all difficult situations whenever they occur. Twice the main sail had to be lowered in the middle of the night in severe conditions, to enable the capture and replacement of a troublesome full length batten.

First mate Jonny (the Rev) had this to say I don’t mind the conditions and the hard work it’s all part of why we love this but there’s only so much of Geoffs rendition of “trailers for sale or rent” you can take at 0049!

More to follow..

Author: Atlantic Charters

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