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Worrisome news

Some worrying news reached us today from the Atlantic:

“Had some interesting developments since i last wrote. Noticed water coming into bilge, so after loads of hunting, found it coming from rudder post, it was then we noticed excessive play at the top bearings!!

At one point we thought about getting rid of the rudder before it ripped a big hole in the hull, but after a mid atlantic swim, it all appeared pretty intact below the water. We are now proceeding gently along without putting to much pressure on the rudder. The sea state is much calmer now, so as long as we don’t run into any more monster seas we should be ok. Ironically it happened when we were exactly half way across, only 1248 miles to go now, probably 11 days at our new slow speed. We have got the dinghy blown up and grab bags on deck just in case, but I’m sure it won’t come to that. I’m happy that it will get us there so long as the weather doesn’t turn bad, the forecast looks good.

position 20 07 N 40 06 W”

Author: Atlantic Charters

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